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About Dan Mackin Construction

Dan Mackin Construction was formed in 1998 after many years in the trade. We are a fully licensed and insured company.

We are a diverse site work and excavation company capable of doing any type of site work. We have just about any size machine required to accomplish your job. We are capable of removing rock and ledge. Not intimidated by any job, Dan Mackin Construction always accomplishes what we start. We enjoy the challenge of making tough lots into beautiful home settings. Our process involves working with customers to discuss plans and be sure everyone knows the exact height and position of the house prior to any excavation.

Dan Mackin Construction is also a licensed Connecticut septic installer and can install any approved CT septic system. We pride ourselves in getting the elevations just right and, at times, slightly over building systems to give our customer many years of trouble free service. In case of emergency, we have all systems as-built on file. To date we have not had one call back for a failed system.

As a full service foundation company, we do our own excavation in order to be sure of
what we are pouring concrete on. The base for our customers' footings is the most important part of any house. If we do the excavation, we guarantee your footings will not settle. Customers love how detail-oriented we are – from wall lengths to perfectly straight levels. We also take the time to contact the building department to ensure walls do not need any special hold downs. All required inspections are scheduled and, when all is said and done, we want your foundation to be perfect.

We also specialize in pouring concrete floors. All material placed in an area where floor is to be poured is guaranteed not to settle due to poor compaction. Our floors are flat and machine finished to give your basement or garage a great appearance.

Dan Mackin Construction is also capable of doing commercial and light industrial work. We pride ourselves on our ability to work well with other companies and other people on the job. Our experience includes completing many foundations for commercial equipment and machines inside mills. In addition, we troubleshoot all jobs to ensure all avenues to complete job are covered such as any safety issues, access, and areas that need to be open at all times for ongoing production, just to name a few.
We have a great rapport with all building officials we have worked with.

Our Past Projects

Town of Griswold, 2010
Playground area. we installed all drainage and base for playground.

Town of Voluntown, 2003
Installed sidewalks and ramps for area between town hall and library.

Town of Lisbon, 2010
Installed new stairs from back of town hall to parking lot and from lot to school parking lot.

Town of Franklin, 2002
Installed in concrete and drains for salt cleaning system.

Town of Franklin, 2008
Completed all site and concrete work for Franklin’s new salt shed.

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